Technical Fabric

Fire Fabric

We have also started production of technical fabrics used for high altitude weather and also suitable for sports wear.

Some of the common products of technical textiles are seat-belts, airbags, nylon tier cord fabrics, seat covers, car-body covers, automobile interiors carpets, helmets, insulation felts, sanitary napkins, diapers, surgical dressings, healthcare textiles, footwear components, sleeping bags, balloning fabrics, parachute fabrics, fire-retardant fabrics, fire-retardant upholstery, ballistic protective clothing, bullet-proof jackets, hoses, ropes, dry belts, computer ribbons, battery separators, filters, decatising cloth, bolting cloth, applications in construction industry, shoe laces, narrow-width fabrics, hoardings, awnings, canvas, tarpaulin, etc.

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