Quality Testing


The organization has set up a world class fabric testing laboratory as per ISO, AATCC, ASTM, Levis & Strauss, Marks & Spencer etc. testing protocol. The laboratory has successfully awarded the accreditation of Levis & Strauss, Marks & Spencer and presently undergoing ISO 17025 NABL accreditation. The laboratory has facility of on line testing services to the various departments in the organization to achieve excellency in quality and productivity.

This laboratory performs various testing process for all type of finished fabric. The laboratory also performs the testing of speciality finished fabrics, and is being accepted by world class reputed customers in US, UK and Europe markets.

Test Processes

Product Category Pilling and Abrasion

Product Category Colour Fastness to Washing, Perspiration, Rubbing, Water etc.

Product Category Dimensional Stability to Washing, Dry Cleaning, Heat, Steam etc.

Product Category Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Seam Slippage

Product Category Water & Oil Repellency for Teflon Finished Fabrics

Product Category Stretch/Recovery/Growth- for Lycra Fabrics

Product Category Multiple Wash Performance of Teflon Finished Fabrics

Product Category Moisture Management & Performance of Chiller Finished Fabrics

Product Category Wash & Wear Performance of Wrinkle Free Finished Fabrics

Product Category Flame Retardant Performance of Flame Repellent Finished Fabrics

Product Category Smoothness & Crease Recovery

Test equipments

The laboratory has installed latest testing equipments as per International test methods requirements:

Product Category Washing and Drying machines as per both European and American Standards

Product Category ICI Pilling Tester

Product Category Martindale Pilling and Abrasion Testing Machine

Product Category Tensile Testing Machine

Product Category Tear Strength Testing Machine

Product Category Random Tumble Pilling Testing

Product Category Laundro Meter

Product Category Perspiro Meter

Product Category Colour Assessment Cabinets as per both European and American Standards

Product Category Spectro Photometer

TEST STANDARDS - Fire Retardant Fabric

Our Permanent Inherent Fire Retardant Fabric passes all the FR Test Standards Like Resistance to spread of Flame

Aviation Sector : FAR 25.853

Indian Railway : Appendix-5 of UIC 564-2OR

Automotive Industry : IS15061:2002

We would also like to inform you that our fabric passes all the Textile Test Standards which are in general applicable to the fabrics, the details of the same are as under:

Product Category Mass of Fabric as per customer’s requirement

Product Category Breaking Strength

Product Category Tearing Strength

Product Category Colour fastness to day light and dry & wet rubbing

The laboratory has also established Dark Room (Studio) for the assessment of colour, pilling and other various performance assessments as per AATCC, ASTM, LS&CO, M&S protocol.

We also arrange for inspection of goods from Intertek Testing Services.

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