Management Team

Management Team

The company is managed by Professionals having vast experience and expertise:

Name Designation Qualification Exp. (Overall)
In Years
Exp. (BSL)
In Years
J. K. Rathi President B. E. (Mechanical) 43 40
J. K. Jain Joint President & CFO F.C.A., F.C.S. 27 18
Kavita Soni Sr. V.P.(HR) & C.S.R. Economics (Hons.) 29 06
Prashant Joshi Sr. V.P. (Fabrics) Licentiate (Textile Chemistry) 34 14
Rahul Bhaduria Sr. V.P. (Garments) P. G. (Garment) 22 11
Govindraju P. V. P. (Engg.) B. Tech.(Mechanical) 19 04
S. S. Kella V. P. (A & T) B. Com., F.C.A. 43 41
Ashok Mishra V. P. (Tech.) - Worsted B. Tech (Textile) 41 11
D. K. Menariya V. P. (Personnel) B. Com., LL.B. 35 35
H. Moharana V. P. (Weaving) Diploma (Textile Technology) 33 08
S. L. Agrawal V. P. (F & A) B.Com., F.C.A. 37 11
Arun K. Pareek V. P. (Tech.) B. Text. 35 04
Neeraj Mishra V. P. (Fabrics) MBA (MKTG), D.TEXT. TECH. 28 06
Sharad Jain V. P. (Technical) B. Tech (Textile) 27 01
Anand Patil V.P. (SCM, Sourcing & Merchandising) B. Tech (Textile) 23 01
H. P. Kharwal Company Secretary B.Com. LL.B.,ACS 08 03

“The management team is supported by 10,000 plus employees across various location of the company”

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